EVENTS Together​

Here you can see our future events and also check out pics from our past events! 

This was a nice evening event for                       I was surprised to see how many  

Pete Snyder on April 7, 2021.  It was                   people attended Younkin's event,  

nice meeting some patriots                                 "Donuts for Delegates" at 8:00 AM on

at Pete's event.                                                      Thursday, April 8, 2021                                        . 

Clear plan for Virginia and Virginians.

It was great to see some familiar faces at Glenn's event. Do you know that when Glenn Younkin played basketball they called him Youngkindonut? :))

A nice evening at Philip Hamilton's Fundraiser event in Fairfax, Virginia, April 3rd.

Another nice evening for Pete Snyder's meet and greet in Gainesville; among other guest speakers was Ken Cuccinelli.

Happy to see friends and meeting others for the first time. 

Care Net PRCs

The Fundraising Gala 

March 2021

Care Net PRCs

Saving Lives, Sharing the Gospel



Chasing Freedom event, Tom Speciale, Chairman. Feb. 20th 2021

Businesses of Northern Virginia Event. Tim Parrish, PWC RC Chairman

Keynote speaker, Glenn Youngkin, VA Governor Candidate 

Philip A. Hamilton Kickoff event in Charlottesville, March 8th 2021

Glen Allen and Tim Hugo, Virginia LG candidates. 2020 Lincoln & Ronald Reagan Dinner. 

Visiting the National Marine Corps Museum

We visited the National Marine Corps Museum (NMCM) in Quantico, Virginia. It is a monument that stands strong telling the history of freedom!

Support and Volunteers Meeting

 VOLUNTEER MEETING. Thank you to our hosts, Terry and Miles! Many thanks to all that came with great insights. What a blessing, thank you Lord! And thank you to those that couldn’t come tonight but are on board!

African American Fair 2019!

This past Saturday, August 3rd we attended the African American Fair in Metz MS in Manassas, VA. There we had the opportunity to meet and hear the concerns from some Prince William County Neighbors!

Care Net PRCs Benefit Event 

On Sunday, July 14th we had benefit for Care Net PRC at Cherri's Farm!

We had a great time! 

County Wide 4th of July Parade!

This 4th of July Maria attended the County-Wide 4th of July parade and had a blast! God Bless America!

Campaign Kick Off Event! 

On June 28th we had our campaign kick off! It was so great to start the campaign surrounded by friends!

When: This Friday, June 28th 2019

Time: 7:00 PM

Where: 3709 Apple Cider Court, Dumfries, VA

RSVP: 703.431.5467

Garden Party at the Millers in Knokesville VA

On June 22nd the Millers hosted a Garden Party at their home in Knokesville. It was a lot of fun getting to know the community! 

Karen Boyd Kick Off Event

On June 15th we had another kick off event with Karen Boyd!

50th Annual Occo​quan Spring Arts & Crafts Show

This past June 1st and 2nd  we had the chance to meet with our constituents and relate our goals and hear their concerns.